Prison term slashed for duo offered Dhs900,000 bribe to win government contract

A businessman and a public employee who were convicted of offering a bribe of Dhs900,000 to a government official so he could help them secure an investment contract have had their jail sentences reduced to eight months.

Abu Dhabi Appeal Court upheld the conviction that had earlier been issued by the Court of First Instance, which sentenced the Arab men to two years in jail for bribing a public employee to secure a contract for government media projects.

But the appeal court judge decided to reduce the defendants’ jail terms to eight months after the pair pleaded for lighter sentences. Official documents show the defendants were arrested after a government official complained that an Arab businessman and his colleague offered him a bribe. He said they asked him to cancel a contract given to a foreign firm, and instead transfer it to the firm that belonged to the businessman.

The man, who is in charge of the department’s contracts, told the court that the businessman also asked him to increase the value of the contract to Dhs15 million.

The public employee admitted abusing his position, but the businessman denied the bribery charge.

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