Introducing our Free Dubai Online Classifieds

Now it’s easier than ever to place an ad and find what you’re looking for—24 hours a day, seven days a week. From cars, cameras, TV-s, radios, electronics, furniture, aircons, jobs, business service, management services, training services and many more goods & services, we provide effective ways to sell to potential customers through our leading online and mobile solutions.

Posting Ads for a 10 days display are free. However if you want :

  • a 30 days display period, it costs only USD 3.00
  • a 60 days display period, it costs only USD 5.00
  • to be included in the “Featured Listing Slider” also only costs USD 3.00

In just a few clicks, you can place your ads online. And with our improved ad displays, your ad is sure to get noticed!



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